Product Overview


CANEA Framework develops and implements IT solutions in relation to the following areas:

  • Process Modeling
  • Workflow
  • Document Management
  • Project and Portfolio Management

Our solutions are characterized by easy-to-use interfaces, innovative functionality and flexible configuration.

JEDOX focus on “Self-Service Business Intelligence” where the users enjoy greater freedom, since they are able to shape the analysis, reporting and planning functions of the data they need. There is no more need to make extensive use of the IT department!What’s more, Jedox users are empowered to edit relevant data individually and comprehensively. This is ideal for reporting and controlling; or for analyzing, monitoring, and planning sales, expenses, results, and liquidity.Even users with basic computer skills can now easily meet corporate demands for data planning, analysis, and Jedox unique characteristics lies in:

  • Easy to Start
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Scale
Bonitasoft democratizes business process management (BPM) by bringing a flexible yet powerful BPM suite to organizations of all sizes and industries. Its open source community delivers an unmatched ecosystem of connectors for nearly any application and/or system. Organizations can model, automate, and optimize process workflows in Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, E-Government, and more.
SAP System is based on DiSC methodology. It is an ipsative or perceptual assessment and the instrument used is a questionnaire with 24 sets of descriptive words of an individual. Each set has four words or statements amounting to a total of 96 words. In each set, the candidate has to select 2 out the 4 words or statements based on his or her perception of their own self.