Open Source Business Process Management Suite

Bonita BPM uses standard Business Process Management Model and Notation 2.0 (BPMN). It includes more than a hundred ready-to-use connectors – for databases, ERP, CRM, ECM, and more to connect processes to IT system easily. Your processes are accessible via smartphone and tablet, Bonita BPM Portal is an intuitive portal where you can easily manage your daily tasks and follow process activity. The service-based architecture of the Bonita BPM Engine can support intensive workloads, is flexible for simple to complex architectures, and can be used to power third-party applications through its APIs. Available in both open source and commercial editions.

Be Efficient

IT Professionals

Business Managers

BPM Applied

> Get it done

> Get competitive

> Get on board

> Prototype quickly

> Minimize   re-engineering

> Respond rapidly

> Be scalable

> Be mobile

> Be flexible

> Be in control

> Be efficient

> Human Resources

> IT Management

> Quality Management

> Corporate Finance

> Customer Experience

> Banking and Insurance

> Public Sector

> Universities

Bonita BPM Editions

Each Bonita BPM edition adds more functionality for faster project completion. Below are the major features comparison in Bonita BPM Editions.

Major Features Comparison





Process modelling, connectors, simulation, web forms, portal, and more
For developers:
Create an organizational model
Re-usable forms and form field widgets
Customizable look ‘n’ feel
Connectors inside web forms for dynamic interaction
Graphic wizards for web services, Salesforce, SQL, and SAP connectors
Process templates: Human Resource, Procurement, IT management, and more
Collaboration with shared developer repository
For business users:
Process optimization
Generate process documentation
Install custom KPIs and create dashboards
Document management
Mobile access
Advanced search function
Break tasks into assign-able subtasks
For administrators:
LDAP synchronization
Reconfiguration of deployed processes “on the fly”
Error management