KPI Suite

Performance Management with KPI Suite

Performance Management Software KPI Suite provides your organisation with a fast upgrade path from manually maintained, in-house built performance reporting solutions. With KPI Suite you obtain a flexible performance management environment, capable of supporting multiple areas of strategic, operational and organisational performance. Numerous organisations use KPI Suite to ensure the effective management of their strategy, risk, quality, compliance, project portfolio, incentive schemes and branch office performance management initiatives.

KPI Suite is flexible, scalable and extremely quick to implement and deploy. Building performance management models is fast and convenient due to a rich collection of available measure type and measurement templates to choose from and customize. You can collect data automatically from your business systems and via manual input by users using their personal portal user interface. To keep large performance models easy to manage KPI Suite comes with powerful design, maintenance and administration functionality.

Go Live Within Weeks Rich template support combined with easy to define and reusable KPI attributes allow organisations to roll out and go live with performance management across the organisation within weeks from the start of the implementation project
Flixible and Adaptable The flexibility of KPI Suite makes it a powerful tool for measuring, monitoring, reporting and improving performance in a multitude of areas. From your strategy to your operations, KPI Suite supports a multitude of management methodologies including Balanced Scorecard, EFQM, ISO, Six Sigma, COSO Risk Management as well as any other type of performance management
Focused Online Collaboration Capabilities KPI Suite goes beyond just performance measurement and reporting by providing you with powerful online collaboration features. This allows employees to initiate and log comments, report problems and launch action plans. Normally organisations hide this information in people’s email inboxes but with KPI Suite all collaborative content is logged with the performance history to provide users with context: why is performance poor and what are we doing – or did we do – to improve the situation?
Measure What You Want vs. What You Can In addition to automatic and scheduled data aggregation from file and business systems, like ERP, CRM, SCM, OLAP, Data Warehouses and internal networks, KPI Suite also allows users to enter performance data manually via the portal-based user interface. This offers you significantly more flexibility in the choice of your metrics and allows you to get started managing performance immediately
Customize Dashboards and Strategy Maps Dashboards and strategy maps in KPI Suite provide users with a high-level overview of performance, while drilling down to detailed performance information is only a mouse-click away. KPI Suite enables you to create custom, role-based dashb oards fast by composing them with the metrics of your choice and deciding on their visual presentation from a rich collection of available graph templates
An Insight on Performance KPI Suite provides users with a complete overview of performance by allowing them to easily navigate across scorecard hierarchies and drill-down to specific measures. Its scorecard libraries aligned changes in operations with minimum effort. Creating new metrics and cascading them to complement a multitude of existing scorecards is easy and can be done within minutes