CANEA Docpoint – Document Management System

Easy-to-use solution for document management and integrated management systems.

CANEA Docpoint Document management can be extremely time-consuming and employees often perceive management systems and storage structures as complex. This also makes the development and introduction of a shared, documented management system more difficult, and creates unnecessary costs in terms of friction when employees cannot find their way through the organisation’s shared documentation.
The company’s integrated and process-oriented management system and other business information can advantageously be entered into CANEA Docpoint. All development and distribution of documents is quality assured and streamlined whilst at the same time, searching for documents is dramatically simplified. The system manages and structures all types of documents and file formats.

CANEA Docpoint is characterised by an intuitive and modern web interface where all information is easily accessible for all employees. The system has high flexibility which facilitates system support that is entirely adapted to the organisation’s needs both now and in the future. All settings and parameters can be managed directly through the application by those who have the right permissions.

CANEA Docpoint is prepared to be integrated and become a natural part of an intranet such as MS SharePoint.




CANEA Docpoint offers several ways to search for information to suit all types of needs. For example, a role-based home page, free text search, dynamic views, subscriptions, favourites and latest news. cd_fl1 All users can comment on documents in the system. This comment forum is an effective and simple manner to handle all proposals for improvement. Items that have been commented upon are shown in views or through email.

Process navigation



You can create clickable process maps that make it possible for all employees to understand the operation’s way of working and to navigate graphically in an intuitive manner to find relevant documents. cd_fl2 CANEA Docpoint handles documents in a life cycle perspective with support for development, publication, revision and finally archiving. Referral support helps to ensure accuracy in the document.

Document properties



By marking up information with properties, a multi-dimensional structure is created that provides good searchability. Examples of properties are Manager, Department and Process. The system supports receipts in different forms. Has the document been read by affected parties? Has the document been read and understood? There is also support for distribution receipts for those documents that will be printed out and displayed.

Document preview



CANEA Docpoint has support for showing documents directly in the web browser without, for example, having to open MS Word. For the user reading the document, the experience becomes both quicker and simpler. Handles a large amount of documents with the help of intelligent functions for maintenance. Used, for example, during organisational changes, when departments change name or when user information changes.

Version management



Documents are managed in versions and drafts for increased traceability and history. Each version of a document has a unique version number and support for a change description between versions creates a good overview. CANEA Docpoint has full support for archiving with very good searchability in the archive and the possibility to restore archived documents. The user’s permission level controls access to the archive and older versions of the document.