CANEA Improof – Case Management System

A flexible solution for case management that supports many types of workflows.

CANEA Improof In many organisations, the phrases “operational development” and “administration” unfortunately mean slow processes, tons of paper, difficulties in prioritising and cases that end up between two stools. This means in practice that resources are wasted and that effective actions are not taken.
By using CANEA Improof, more effective ways of working are created within the organisation. Time wasting is eliminated and you obtain clear and better control with a more automated procedure. All employees in the organisation can report and handle cases in a very simple way. At the same time, the management, key personnel and line managers can use the system to get an overview, prioritise and monitor operations.The system’s case flow, logic and forms can easily be configured directly in the interface which makes CANEA Improof a support to grow into for all types of case processes.The system’s usability is remarkable; the user-friendliness and benefits of the system are enormous since it can handle all types of processes – in a single system. The interface is simple and easy-to-use which is a factor for successful introduction.Customers choose CANEA Improof as it is a highly flexible system which is very easy to set up and use!




Catch and start case processes by making it easy for everyone to create cases. Facilitate reporting, for example through the intranet or the public website. Case processes can also be started in other ways.   Using the dynamic views it is simple to get an overview of all cases. Create views for ongoing, prioritised, alerted and completed cases as you require. Set groups, sorting and categories.




Create your own case forms in the system with the help of the powerful form designer. Set which information should be handled, the positioning of fields, help functions and other settings such as mandatory fields.   CANEA Improof facilitates review and analysis of the case flow and information. Create public or private reports and diagrams. Measure, for example, total cost, lead times or number of cases.




CANEA Improof streamlines case progress with the help of functions for processing. Transfers occur smoothly and functions for intelligent delegation facilitate the flow. Users are notified when it is time to take action.   The system can be configured directly in your web browser with the help of the powerful designer. Settings, forms, flows, business logic and rules are set to fit specific requirements – without adaptations.




The system alerts you if a case waits for too long or if the action date has passed. Set limits for lead times for the different steps in the case flow and how reminders via email or the system should function.   Make it even easier for all employees to work with cases.
See cases in progress, report new cases and get an overview of the status direct from mobile units via the web interface adapted to your needs.




All actions are traceable in the system and important events in the cases are logged with the date and time stamp, together with who carried them out. Each case has a history where it is simple to follow all changes in chronological order.    Integrate CANEA Improof into the existing IT environment to facilitate use and administration. Exploit registers and data in existing systems and link together information flows with the help of ready-to-use web services.