CANEA Process 2012 – Process Management System

Wholly web-based and flexible solution for process modelling.

CANEA Process Everyone can participate in the important work of mapping and developing the operation’s processes.CANEA Process integrates systems for operations management with process management into a single whole. The system works together with other tools in our program suite CANEA Framework. This makes it possible to describe, execute, monitor and optimise processes in a single system. This is what we call Business Process Management!
CANEA Process facilitates work with mapping and communicating processes within an organisation.
The system supports the introduction of a process-oriented approach and is a condition for effective work with the development of processes.The system is optimised for modelling of processes and the “lean flow” and supports aspects such as VSM symbols and the BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation) standard. Read more at: Process is characterised by the very easy-to-use web interface with support for lightning fast modelling and the entirely integrated linking direct from objects in the model to documents and other information.


BPMN support

CANEA Process allows you to create process models in a very easy way. Express modelling, in combination with drag-and-drop functions mean that you can create ready-to-use models with a couple of key presses. BPMN is an international notation system from OMG for graphical description of the different stages, sequences and information in a process. CANEA Process has built-in support for symbols and logic as described in this notation.



Symbol library

Create links between processes to construct a hierarchical and clickable structure with a main process, sub-processes and descriptions. It is easy to link to documents, views and other information directly from the system. Create an entire self-defined symbol library to your own requirements. This can, for example, be Value Stream Mapping or more Lean-oriented models.
Administrate the library direct from the web browser.




All process models are version managed, referred and published when they are complete. Nominate managers and link other searchable properties to process models. You can also see earlier versions and process history. Export process models from the system. Functions for export to different image formats and export to XLM format for import to other systems.