Project Management

Project management – increase project maturity! The solution for better planning, management and collaboration in projects. More and more work is
Project Management_cost, scope, time today conducted in project form. Ultimately, project management is about delivering the desired quality on time and within the estimated cost framework. Such results can be achieved more effectively if the right conditions are present.

To succeed, the project management must function as a whole by supporting the organisation’s processes, be adapted to the current situation, be controlled by competent staff and be supported by good tools. The foundation of successful projects is laid during the planning phase. Plans that are developed to the right level give the best foundation for implementing and controlling projects effectively.

CANEA Projects offers support for all types of projects and for all interested parties in the project operations such as management, resource owners, clients, project managers and project participants. The system is characterised by:

  • Comprehensive solution for all types of project operation
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive web interface
  • Solution built on modern technology
  • Based on standards in project management
  • Easily configured with an optional project model
  • Entirely web-based and easy to introduce

CANEA Projects contributes to better project management in many different ways. It is easy to collaborate, share documents and exploit experience from previous projects. Through powerful functions for planning and control, the possibilities increase for carrying out projects both on time and on budget. At the same time, the system creates a clear overview of the whole project portfolio. It becomes easier to prioritise between projects to increase the value of investments and to choose the right project in terms of the company’s strategy. CANEA Projects also provides support for the planning of resources for project managers and resource owners. The system’s resource histogram makes it easy to get an overview, for example, of planned time, occupancy and availability of all resources.