Jedox Excel Add-in

More Power for Excel: Planning, Analysis and Reporting

Jedox Excel Add-in transforms Excel into a cost-effi cient, real-world BI solution for planning, analysis, and reporting. Enhances Excel and turns it into an easy-to-use tool accessing all of Jedox OLAP Server’s functionality—right from Excel. Simply leverage existing Excel skills.

If users only had Excel at their disposal for planning, analysis, and reporting, they’d “hit a wall” pretty soon. Thankfully, Jedox Excel Add-in can transform these processes into a cost-efficient and real-world business intelligence solution.

Easy To Install

This Jedox solution enhances Microsoft Excel by means of an easy-to-install add-in, enabling access to Jedox OLAP Server’s entire functionality right from Excel. Whether data modeling, maintaining user privileges, or simply importing data—users can remain in their familiar Excel environment. Jedox Excel Add-in runs on all current Excel versions (2003, 2007, 2010).