Balanced Scorecard

The KPI Suite Balanced Scorecard Solution is focused at organisations that wish to upgrade their Balanced Scorecard initiative from a home-grown IT implementation to a flexible, automated and user-friendly solution.With KPI Suite Balanced Scorecard you can involve more users, teams, departments, branch offices and business units with a systematic and unified approach in turning your strategy into action, monitoring your progress and managing all activities aimed at fixing gaps between what was planned and what is achieved.

KPI Suite Balanced Scorecard Solution offers rich strategy mapping, dashboarding, scorecarding, analysis and reporting functionality. It supports automated and manual data aggregation & entry, and offers powerful data consolidation functionality. KPI Suite furthermore adds online collaboration through web forms, allowing users to add context to performance data, such as comments, ideas and documents, and managers to assign tasks while monitoring progress.

KPI Suite excels in flexibility and user friendliness, which is characterised by the fact that typically our customers are able to go live within two weeks!

Why Choose KPI Suite Balanced Scorecard Solution?

With the KPI Suite Balanced Scorecard Solution you will:

  • Engage your employees active participation in the management and execution of your strategy
  • Save time and effort in gathering, managing and reporting performance information
  • Speed up performance reporting cycles
  • Maintain flexibility in what you wish to measure, how often and in what format
  • Upgrade from home-grown fast, without hassle and remain able to maintain it yourself