Business Intelligence

Planning, Analysis, Reporting – Made Easy

By not only offering pure reporting and analysis functionalities where you can only click and view at typically historical data, Jedox combines these functionalities with forward looking planning, forecasting and prediction capabilities.
Thus, Jedox Suite is not just a Business Intelligence tool, but a fully integrated Business Intelligence and Analytics solution.

Easy to start

It is easy to create your own planning, analysis and reporting solutions. You will see how business users can leverage their Excel skills to create professional Business Intelligence & Analytics applications and end the limitations of Microsoft Excel by expanding its usage into web and mobile environments.

Easy to use

From the end users perspective, the flexibility and power of Jedox use across the entire organisation will assist in improving their business decision making.
From an application developers’ perspective, Jedox offers fast and easy functionalities where sophisticated solutions can be created and integrated seamlessly into your existing system infrastructure.
Jedox Academy program empowers you and your key users to take full advantage of Jedox Suite in a few days.

Easy to scale

Jedox agile implementation methodology will assist in producing top quality analytics solutions that is easily produce on time and within the budget. In fact, you are able to install Jedox’s unique “Free” product offering to implement your own Jedox solution free of charge and without any risk. This offers lowest total cost of ownership in the market. When the need arises and you decide to expand the functionalities and usage, it is scalable to the Jedox Suite, its premium edition.