Workshops and Training

FORMATES provides training in the area of Human Capital Management and various technical training related to our portfolio of technological products.

Public Training

Our public training courses are conducted in a hotel or our training centre for a mixed group of participants from various organisations. We incorporate ‘hands-on’ approach in our courses as we firmly believe that it will provide the participants with real value for them to bring back or utilise at their work place.

In-house Training

In-house training is a cost-effective approach for organisations that want to train six or more of its personnel. It is a good alternative for companies that require:

  • Tailoring the course to the oganisation’s needs
  • Creating specialised and adapted training course with shared methodology
  • Flexibility for organisations to choose its own venue and timings

Technical Training

We conduct technical training sessions related to our portfolio of technological products and solutions.

User Training

The user training will impart the technical functionalities of the system for the various levels of end-users. It contains the theory combined with real-case studies intended to impart the product’s essential functions.

Super User / Designer Training

The ‘hands-on’ approach training will provide the model designer or super user the ability to technically develop the model or system.

Administrator Training

This training type is for administrators who need to acquire a more profound technical knowledge in relation to administrating the system and technology. To have one or several internal resources who can configure the system, create templates and simultaneously have a more in-depth understanding of the products is an advantage in being entirely independent with the system.