Fully manage the entire business process life cycle

With Bonita’s business process management software, manage the full life cycle of those operational processes. Bonita’s Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities allow you to design, connect, execute, monitor, optimize and automate business processes and ensure a high degree of control and visibility over your business logic.

The Bonita digital transformation platform provides a single environment & enabling technologies for development and deployment of business processes:

  • BPM notation (BPMN2) modeling tools
  • process execution engine
  • integration capabilities to connect applications with third party services
  • business data modeling tool
  • advanced monitoring and reporting solutions

Community edition
Choose the leading open source digital process automation platform for professional developers. Enjoy community-led support. Pay nothing. It’s free!

Enterprise edition
Choose the digital process automation platform for Devops teams –  including professional developers and citizen developers –  and focus on collaboration & continuous improvement at scale.
Meet enterprise demands with clustering and multi-tenancy.
Monitor your processes and applications and get deep visiblity into what’s working and what needs improvement, through dedicated monitoring dashboards and user-defined business reports.
Get professional global support & services.

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