Self Analysis Profile (SAP)

The purpose of Self Analysis Profile (SAP) is for the individual to understand their self better in an objective or an unbiased manner to enable them to take advantage of their strengths and manage their weaknesses in work situation and in their personal life. SAP system is based on DiSC methodology. It is an ipsative or perceptual assessment and the instrument used is a questionnaire with 24 sets of descriptive words of an individual. Each set has four words or statements amounting to a total of 96 words. In each set, the candidate has to select 2 out of the 4 words or statements based on his or her perception of their own self.

Once the questionnaire have been completed, it will be processed and a one page narrative report will be generated to explain the outcome of the behavioral assessments. Based on our experienced, generally the respondents confirmed that the accuracy of the assessment is more than 90 %. Thus, this will make SAP as an excellent tool of human resources management functions which amongst others can be used for the purpose of Selection, Placement, Transfer, Job- Staff match, Counseling, etc. For those who are trained in DISC’s methodology and its interpretations, they can use the SAP’s platform provided by us at a reasonable in order to obtain the graphical output and a page narrative output. However, for those who are not trained they can attend our DISC familiarisation course to have more intimate knowledge and understanding of SAP’s result.